What motivates and shapes us

As a medium-sized company, we are focused on continual, sustainable expansion. Safety, quality and an appreciation of our employees are fixed aspects of the THOMAS SABO company philosophy as we grow together with the commitment and ideas of our teams and our partners. This gives us financial independence to be open-minded at all times and to be prepared for market developments and trends.

Our pledge to our customers and retailers: always to be a reliable partner and to constantly improve in the future. Every single day, we want to inspire people with designs that have been created with the very highest demands on, and respect for, the materials used.

Our mission

The attention to detail and the high standard of quality are what make THOMAS SABO stand out. All our activities, creative processes and designs pursue this maxim and should continue to do so in the future. Because this is the very soul of our brand.

Our vision

In its core, the THOMAS SABO vision is inextricably linked to that of the person Thomas Sabo. He is the engine and mentor of the company. His idea of enabling people throughout the world to purchase high-end items of jewellery in all price segments is what drives us all. Even with the current size of the company, the fundamental values of Thomas Sabo are omnipresent in our daily working lives: flexibility, creativity, commercial judgement and tireless commitment.

Our values

As a family-managed company, we are accompanied by numerous visions and principles from the very outset. We are hugely proud that we:

  • Create new premium jewellery and watches in all price segments each season;
  • Define the industry standard with materials of the very highest quality;
  • Conduct business in a sustainable, profit-oriented and conservative manner as a top priority;
  • Always optimise our service offerings in line with our global clientèle and partners;
  • Hold all employees in the highest esteem;
  • Create impulses internally and externally and promote creativity;
  • Remain realistic, think in an holistic manner and always retain our independence and flexibility.

„As a major player in the wholesale distribution of jewellery, we are a reliable partner in a fast-paced market environment. This is what the quality pledge of our company is all about.“

Thomas Sabo, company founder

Our Objectives

Thanks to sound financial, asset and profitability policies, the THOMAS SABO Group has secured its position. And this should remain so in the future. Here, we are basing our activities on the following strategies:

  • The step-by-step expansion of our position as an internationally-leading premium brand through the THOMAS SABO retail business;
  • Continuing the trusting and successful collaboration with specialist retailers through close and strengthened partnerships;
  • The expansion of our E-Commerce operations with a focus on the THOMAS SABO online shop and collaborations with B2C trading platforms;
  • A comprehensive presence in the international markets through high-performing partners;
  • The extending of the company culture to the international subsidiaries;
  • The creation of a seamless shopping and brand experience.


Our story begins on May 8, 1984. Young entrepreneur Thomas Sabo enters the silver jewellery market with his own business. He has his designs manufactured in Asia and sells them to selected traders at specialist fairs.
The very first best-seller: Thomas Sabo makes his breakthrough with an ear cuff. Inspired by the rebellious look of London Punks, this en-vogue item of jewellery becomes the fashion statement for an entire generation.
One important source of support behind Thomas Sabo is his father, Franz Sabo – responsible for the family character of the company as the senior boss over the course of many years.
At the end of the 1980s, self-made man Thomas Sabo develops the THOMAS SABO concept with a growing team of employees.

The innovation of selling and distributing jewellery under a brand name revolutionises the silver jewellery market and proves to be hugely popular with traders and jewellers.
Thomas Sabo employs talented graphic designer Susanne Kölbli as the head designer for his upwardly-mobile company. Until 2020 she will be responsible for the style of THOMAS SABO as Creative Director side by side with Thomas Sabo.
Due to the huge demand, Thomas Sabo is able to fulfil a further vision: establishing his own stores. The first THOMAS SABO shop opens on October 1, 1998 at Große Bockenheimer Straße 6 in the heart of Frankfurt.
The site to date at Eschenauer Straße in Lauf an der Pegnitz is now too small for the constantly growing number of employees and the companies moves to its new HQ at Martin-Luther-Straße 20 in March.
‘Love, Luck, Fashion & Passion’ – this is the motto with which Thomas Sabo and Susanne Kölbli transform the classic charm bracelet into a super-cool fashion must-have with personal design. The passion for collecting these small charm pendants among customers exceeds all expectations. The Charm Club is born, driving the international expansion of THOMAS SABO forward, as the collection unites people of all ages and nationalities.
From 2006, THOMAS SABO intensifies its own advertising in European fashion and lifestyle magazines such as ELLE, Marie Claire and Vogue. From 2008, the campaign is expanded internationally to include markets such as Canada and countries in Asia.
Establishment of the THOMAS SABO Foundation: The focus of the foundation is on regional and international charity projects for children and adolescents.

With the Rebel at heart Collection and its expressive designs crafted from blackened 925 Sterling silver, THOMAS SABO starts tapping into the men’s market.
As of July 1, 2008, there are for the very first time more than 200 employees working at the THOMAS SABO company headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz.
The THOMAS SABO product portfolio is expanded to include a line of watches. Here, the watches draw on the self-confident design codes of the jewellery collections for the iconic details on the dials, such as skulls and snakes.
The company continues to expand and extends its image as a lifestyle brand by launching its own beauty line.
In December 2012, a further decisive foundation stone is laid with the purchase of a 33,000 m2 plot: this marks the beginning of the new company headquarters. With this, THOMAS SABO clearly commits himself to the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. In honour of the brand and its preference for the material, the town of Lauf an der Pegnitz awards the street on which the new company headquarters are located a very special name: Silberstraße (Silver Street).
Following a complete remodelling and expansion of the shop floor space, the flagship store at Seilergasse 4 in Vienna celebrates its reopening. With its modern, geometric design and the elegant black counters, it becomes a symbol for the future direction of THOMAS SABO. It is followed by flagship stores at exclusive locations such as London, Paris and Zurich, which offer a unique insight into the world of the brand and strengthen its international image.
THOMAS SABO breaks new ground: fine jewellery. The Fine Jewellery Collection dazzles with the most exquisite materials and the positive style full of life energy that is so characteristic of the brand.

THOMAS SABO once again proves its innovative spirit in the Sterling silver segment. 2014 sees the market launch of the Far East-inspired Karma Beads, followed by the unveiling of the engravable Love Bridge range a year later.
A new chapter begins: around 500 employees relocate to the newly-constructed international company headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz. The headquarters make a real statement with the modern, straight-lined design. With the generous administrative and logistics area, it has been scaled to cater for additional employees and sustainable growth. A few months later, the Nuremberg THOMAS SABO shop celebrates its reopening as a flagship store.
The THOMAS SABO guiding principle of ‘Together’ is established: Across all sales channels, this new and sustainable advertising concept is now fundamental to the language of the campaign. Meanwhile, the course of expansion continues: The region of Asia forms the particular focus for 2017.

THOMAS SABO is also making headlines with a design collaboration: For the first time, THOMAS SABO Edition models of the A-Class by Mercedes-Benz are adorned with iconic design highlights such as the the fleur-de-lis motif of the men’s Rebel at heart Collection and the Arabesque motif of the ladies’ Glam & Soul Collection.
Sophisticated, expressive and traversing all generations: With the launch of the Generation Charm Club Collection from 16 February 2018, THOMAS SABO is reinventing the world of the Charm. The global campaign combines high fashion looks with enthusiasm for jewellery and a completely new expression of the wearer’s own personality.
In the 35th year since the company was founded, THOMAS SABO is expanding its product portfolio again and presenting its own eyewear line for the first time. From now on, iconic applications will adorn sunglasses that are rich in detail and showcase the DNA of THOMAS SABO.

At the same time, under the motto "THOMAS SABO You & Friends", the company is starting to establish its own direct sales channel, initially in Germany and Austria.
The new, individual store design concept of the opened THOMAS SABO premium store in Munich's Perusastraße welcomes with natural materials such as walnut wood and marble and a light, airy interior.

In future, a steadily growing number of TS EXCLUSIVE jewellery pieces will be available in the brand's own stores: the handcrafted designs in characteristic THOMAS SABO style are also available via the brand's own online shop.



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